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December 18, 2007
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Seasonal Eggman by MilesTailsPrower-007 Seasonal Eggman by MilesTailsPrower-007
I'm seriously running out of "mainstream" Sonic characters to do single-pose holiday art of. Eggman deserves more credit, though, and has slowly become one of my favorite characters over time, so I decided he should go next. :B

And I am not doing Silver or Mephiles no matter how many times anyone asks me. D:

Anyway, it's really snowy and Christmassy here now. I love this time of year! I should do some more baking.

I think Eggman is pondering over how his bill managed to get so high or something. He probably spends all his time in Home Hardware buying tools. (That, or he just pilfers them from people.)

Happy Holidays! :holly:

EDIT: It's also possible some kid thought he was Santa and mailed him a huge list. Oops.

Eggman Sega
Art by and belonging to *MilesTailsPrower-007

Here are the others I've done.

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